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Air cooling PVC belt vulcanizer.png

Air Cooling PVC/PU Belt Press



Air Cooling.png

Press Machine for Joint Connection of PVC Conveyor Belt

     All equipments as above are applied to various kinds of joint connections of conveyor belts made of PVC, PU, PE or rubber-base materials on automatic production lines. In addition, we also manufacture laminating machines and hobbing machines.

Instruction :

     1. Voltage with ■ 240V 380V 480V 440V 415V or 400V
     2. Pressure within 0-0.3 Mpa (atmosphere pressure),Heavy : 0-0.5 Mpa
     3. Machine built-in air cooling components
     4. Adjustable within temperature range of 0-200°C
     5. Temperature control system could be automatically controlled.
     6. this machine use temperature keeping time control : 4 min (time is adjustable)

     7. this machine use vulcanizing temperature: 168°C
     8. Air cooling Time: 15min

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