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Air Cooling Hot Press

เครื่องกดร้อนเย็น สายพาน


     The splice press is an all-in-one solution for splicing thermoplastic conveyor belts (e.g. PVC polyurethane). They were designed to splice right on site. It’s an air-cooled design, portable press specifically made for PVC/PU conveyor belts. No external control box, air pump, or water cooling tank are required. Everything is built right in. Make the splicing easier and more efficient , shorter the belt won’t run time and increase the production rate.



     - ใช้เวลา 7-12 นาที ในการต่อสายพาน

     - ใช้งานงาน ประกบรอยต่อได้ดี

     - Temperature control and air cooling integrated.

     - All-in-one unit, no external components required.

     - Every press with a flight case for easy transport to on-site jobs.


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Air cooling spec (1).png


     A problem may occur if the belts relatively thick, that the outside belt will stay at the splicing temperature too long to wait for the inside belt to reach the required temperature. Molten material may flow away, discolor and fabrics shrink. To avoid this problem happening, the preheat function can be used. This function heats the belt up ( outside and inside) to a temperature just below the melting temperature. After the preheat stage, the inside splice temperature can be reached much quicker, minimizing the risk for the unwanted flowing, discoloring and fabric shrinkage.

The all-in-one splices are designed with electric heating and built in air cooling, the processes runs fully automated.

     - Splice pressure is applied by an internal compressor, max. 2 bar ( 28 psi).
     - Heats up to a splice temperature of max. 200°C (392 degree F)
     - Keeps it at the splice temperature ( adjustable dwell time)

     - Cool down to the cooling temperature(safe temperature to take the belt out)
     - For thicker belts a preheat temperature and preheat dwell time can be applied
     - The bottom heating can be set lower or higher than the top heating
     - The splice surface is 190mm wide(7.5”) , and the heated zone is 130mm wide(5.1”)

ตัวควบคุม Eurotherm และตัวควบคุมความดัน

     A. Eurotherm controller is located on the top part have two function: a. Level 1 program : splice temperature (max. 200°C),splice dwell time, cool down temperature ;b .Level 2 program: preheat temperature, preheat dwell time, bottom heat factor(lower or higher than top plate heating), and units ( centigrade or fahreheit ).

     B. Pressure controller is located on the bottom part that control the pressure up to w bars/28 psi.


Air cooling spec (1.1).png

The top part can be hold on, easy to operation.

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Have two clamp bars, that can set the belts fingers remain tightly meshed and keep in a horizontal line.

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Set the temperature and pressure controller