Two-Piece Vulcanizing Presses



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Two-piece Vulcanizing Presses ข้อสังเกต :

EPN2056-TW, EPN means manufacturer, (Digitals behind the model is inch unit, 20 inch is the length of heating platen 56 inch is the width of platen. TW means two pieces type. The press is not same as the traditional press in the market. The advantage of it is more convenient, easy, flexible And no need to install when use it. The press is composed from upper and lower parts. There is no complex installation procedure. Customers can use single unit or several units according to the length of the joint. Standard length of the heating plate is 710mm. Other size of heating plate also available,
355mm, 455mm, 660mm, 710mm, etc.

Two-piece Vulcanizing Presses Spec.png