Rubber Belt Vulcanizing Press



Rubber belt vulcanizing press spec.png

100 p.s.i. (7 kg/cm sq.) units suitablefor splicing fabric ply belting.

Rubber belt vulcanizing press.png

200 p.s.i. (14 kg/cm sq.) units suitable for splicing steelcord conveyor belting.

Rubber belt vulcanizing press (1).png

A = Length of platen along the belt.
B = Width of platen across the belt on the bias.
C = Right angle dimension across the belt, plus edge
D = Bias angle.

     Dimensions A and B represent the outside platen dimensions. Scan down the list below until you arrive at a platen size that corresponds with your figures. If the size you require is not listed below our Sales department will be happy to recommend a suitable size. Custom sizes, rectangular configurations and multiple

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

  • Integral cooling standard on all units.

  • Total weights include electrical control panel, cable sets and set-up templates for all models and includes electric pump with 200 p.s.i. units.

  • Temperature adjustable between 200 - 325 deg. F (93 - 163 deg. C).

  • Sectional vulcanizers are built on a 22 degree bias with a left hand lead.

  • Custom sizes, rectangular configurations and multiple platen arrangements available on request.