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     The equipment used to solve ring type industrial belt defended is connected with the guide bar, with automatic belt guide article defended connection function, welding infinite perimeter ring belt, defended the joint width is 1.5m. 1 minutes effectively defended the bonded length is 8m. Guide the motor Power 350W, can drive commonly used industrial belt.


     - High working effiency, about 8m long per min.

     - Guide Mould can be easy change, For different guide, use different mould, standard with machine

size is 6x4 8x610x6 and 13x8, others can make accords to your requirements, like 17x11 etc.

     - Can use for endless belt.

     - High quality frequency inverter, easy to change the working speed.

     - Grinding head is optional, for welding on fabic side use.

     - Wheel-base design, machine can be moved easily.

     - Welding system is heat gun (standard offer without heat gun).

     - Horizontal, Vertical direction move system, easy control welding head position

     - Use motor and high quality frequency inverter to control roller running and speed.

     - The shaft can control the belt running on the belt can pause the welding without power off the power

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     - Grinding head hot air gun