Electric Heating Rubber Belt Vulcanizer



Electric Heating Rubber Belt Vulcanizer Spec.png

ข้อสังเกต :

1. Machine Maximum size: from 4200MM
2. Voltage: 380V 525V 480V 440V 415V 400V or 220V;
3. Vulcanizing temperature: 0-200℃ adjustable randomly;
4. Time for temperature raise (from normal temperature to vulcanizing temperature) no more than 20 minutes;
5. Vulcanizing pressure:1.4MPa (details refer to users’ specifications and factory markings);
6. Time of heat preservation for vulcanizing could be adjusted according to thickness of the rubber belts;
7. Splicing length of rubber conveyor belt for vulcanizing jointing could be connected together by single or several pieces if necessary ; Standard length of the heating plate is 840mm. Other size of heating plate also available, 500mm 710mm 1000mm, 1200mm, 1300mm, 1400mm etc.
8. Make clear for model and specification of product and indicate width and tensile strength of rubber conveyor belt as well as tension in kilogram required for vulcanizing jointing when ordering products.
9. Users could order spare electric pumps additionally according to requirements.

Hot Platen Angle.png

สามารถเลือกได้ :จานร้อนทำมุม 17° หรือ 22°