Cord Stripper System



Technical details Item no Cord stripper KM 1100
belt thickness up to 43 mm
cable 3,7 - 12,6 mm
cord width 10 - 25 mm
cover plate thickness running side till 25 mm
cover plate thickness carrying side till 12 mm
dimension (L x H x W) 375 x 215 x 405 mm
weight 12 kg
   1 blade holder set type A + pressure roller
   1 blade holder set type B + pressure roller
   1 tool set
   1 blade holder set type A + pressure roller KM 1110
   1 blade holder set type B + pressure roller K 1120
   1 tool set K 1130

     Capacity winch CS The power winch CS is an indispensable part of the cord stripper System. It is specially designed for continuous use and is especially characterized by high tensile speed, the torque and the nearground cable conduit. In addition, the signal color contributes to workplace safety. The safe operation of the supply and return takes place (4m long) via the control panel with emergency stop switch. The electronic phase control ensures that the operation of supply and return is always consisten

Technical Details Item no.
Capacity winch CS on request
rope made of steel 6 m
remote control 4 m
power 2,20 kW, 400 V, 50/60 Hz, 3 Ph + PE *
dimensions (L x H x W) 620 x 500 x 650 mm
protection type IP 54 ? weight approx. 72 kg
tensile speed: approx. 38 m/min.
overload protection Rope made of steel 10 m KM 1210

     Slide rail for Capacity winch CS The slide rail is fixed transversely to the conveyor belt and is used to safely accommodate the Capacity winch CS. By gently moving the Capacity Winch within the guide rail, the optimum position for the pulling direction is assured.