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Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Press



Conveyor belt vulcanizing press

ข้อสังเกต :

1. Power Voltage : 380V. 525V. 480V. 440V. 415V. 400V or 220V
2. Vulcanizing pressure: 100-200 PSI (6~14kg / cm2) (Determined by detailed rubber belts) Other vulcanizing pressure can also be available at negotiated price.
3. Vulcanizing temperature: 145℃ (adjustable 0~200℃)
4. Temperature-rising time (from normal temperature to vulcanizing temperature): no more than 35 min
5. Cooling time: 10-15min
6. Time of heat preservation for vulcanizing could be adjusted according to thickness of rubber belt
7. Standard length of the heating plate is 840mm. Other size of heating plate also available, 455mm, 480mm, 660mm, 710mm, 940mm,1 015mm, 1065mm, 1115mm etc.

Conveyor belt vulcanizing press.png

สามารถเลือกได้ :จานร้อนทำมุม 17° หรือ 22°